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The Business of Hacking: Business Innovation Meets the Business of Hacking

Attackers are sophisticated. They are organized. The attackers have become almost corporate in their behavior. Their business looks a lot like ours. This paper explores the business of hacking: the different ways people make money by hacking, the motivations, the organization. It breaks down the businesses profitability, risk levels and provides an overall SWOT analysis.

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Seven Steps to Software Security

It’s hard to imagine a corporation not understanding the need for software security in today’s world. But the processes that go into making applications more secure are still relatively immature and ownership in an organization is not always consistent or clear. This white paper from HP provides seven practical steps organizations can take to secure their applications and prevent damage from cyber-attacks.

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Mobile Application Security Report 2016

Too many applications harvest unnecessary personal data such as contacts, calendar data, and geolocation information. The collection and leakage of personal data on mobile devices isn’t just a risk to users, but for their employers as well. Based on an analysis of over 36,000 Android and iOS applications, this study looks at how applications collect, store, and communicate sensitive data, potential dangers to enterprises, and how to enhance the privacy of data.

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The Next Stage of DevOps: Integrating Security from the Start

Despite all the hype and promise, one important group of participants has often been left on the DevOps sideline: IT security experts. Now, more and more organizations have realized that the IT security team should occupy a prominent seat at the DevOps table. This CSO white paper from Hewlett Packard Enterprise looks at the current state of security DevOps and how to overcome barriers to Secure DevOps Benefits.

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Application Security and DevOps

Rapid application delivery is transforming software creation and delivery, pushing the limits on speed and innovation. With the rise of DevOps, there is new opportunity to improve the development lifecycle in tandem with the moves toward agility and continuous delivery, but making the transition secure is not automatic. This report looks at where many organizations are in their DevOps transition and discusses the current DevOps security practices that have been implemented by a number of small and mid-sized businesses.

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End-to-End Application Security

A software security program is not just technology. It’s about people and processes and how they leverage technology to assess risk, integrate the latest threat intelligence, prioritize remediation resources and measure improvement over time. Discover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fortify can help you cost-effectively achieve your application security goals.