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State of Security Operations: 2017 Report of Capabilities and Maturity of Cyber Defense Organizations

There has never been a stronger connection between security initiatives and business goals. The speed of organizations adoption of new innovations such as cloud, IoT and big data platforms is matched head-on by advancement of the attackers. This report looks at the current and emerging capabilities, best practices, and performance levels of security operations of organizations around the globe.

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Growing the Security Analyst: Hiring, Training, and Retention

Finding – and retaining – the right people to fill the role of security analyst within your organizations is a difficult and time-consuming task. Hiring skilled security analysts requires a methodical approach to finding a candidate that can be successful in this challenging role. This paper explores the aspects of recruiting, training, and retaining security analysts.

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Hunting Today: Using Your Existing Technology to Hunt for Cyber Threats

The balance of power in network security has shifted. Criminals are improving their techniques, but enterprise security hasn’t moved forward fast enough. Organizations can, and should, start practicing security detection analytics now so that they are better prepared for the future. This paper looks at how to start practicing security analytics, and the skills your people will requires.

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Intelligent Security Operations: A Staffing Guide

The number one issue facing security operations organizations is finding the resources needed to run the business. Often, optimal staffing is not achievable. For organizations that do not have a security intelligence capability, starting from scratch to build a security operations center can be a daunting task. Fortunately, organizations can start with just a few security experts and one-third of the total investment to start building the foundation of a SOC. Discover how you can build an effective security operations center, learn how to get started, how to prioritize, and how to utilize resources effectively.

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Intelligent Security Operations: A How-To Guide

As the methods and technologies used by malicious actors continues to improve, Security Operations needs to evolve with the times. But an intelligent SOC is not a technology-in-a-box solution but is a progression of maturity and advancing capabilities within an organization. This paper provides a roadmap for implementing an intelligent security operations center (SOC).

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