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IT Service Management

Configuration Management supports service orientation at Continental IT

With 178,000 employees in 49 countries and reported sales of €33.3 billion, Continental AG is a German industrial powerhouse. To move quickly on new opportunities, Continental AG needs to encourage collaboration between departments, share information and roll-out process best practice. This case study looks at how Continental AG used HPE to gain insight into the IT infrastructure and its service dependencies as a basis for all ITSM processes

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INFOTEC: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software delivers full Business Service Management

Infotec is a governmental research and technology development center in Mexico that serves public and private organizations with information and communication technologies. Infotec developed a plan to establish a national monitoring center to offer a full Business Service Management approach through IT Services and Applications monitoring. This case study looks at how Infotec used HPE technology as the basis of its Business Service Management services.

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National Water Company Transforms IT Service Delivery

The National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia sought software products to create a consolidated, industry-recognized IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to aid IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliance and improve the end-user experience. This case study looks at how the National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia deployed HPE IT Operations Management software solutions to improve ITSM and IT governance.

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Qatar University Transforms IT Service Management

Founded in 1977, Qatar University is the first national institution for higher education to be established in the state of Qatar. The University had limited visibility of IT issues. The formal structure for registering problems, tracking and monitoring them until they were closed lacked clarity and there was no view of whether the result was to the user’s satisfaction. This case study looks at how Qatar University used HPE Service Manager for delivering effective IT Service Management (ITSM) to its 22,000 IT users.

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Reaching New Heights with ITSM

Organizations are continuously looking for ways to improve their IT Service Management platform to keep customers happy and provide them with the service they’ve come to expect. However, many businesses don’t know where to start with implementing changes to help them reach new ITSM heights. This eBook from HPE compiles 12 top tips from seasoned ITSM leaders to help your organization provide world-class IT Service Management.

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IT Service Management Automation: Efficiency. Agility. Innovation

IT organizations need an IT Service Management (ITSM) automation solution that combines all essential elements—Big Data service desk, asset management, configuration management, discovery, and task automation. This eBook highlights the limitations of traditional ITSM solutions and why automation vital for IT organizations to increase the quality of services they provide, to improve speed and agility of the service desk, and to deliver a superior user experience, all reducing the cost to run IT.

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Increase IT efficiency: HPE Service Manager software

IT organizations are looking for a service desk that meets and exceeds user expectations, as well as a service desk that is fast and responsive. It should provide comprehensive self-service capabilities in addition to support via phone, email, chat, and other communication channels. It should also come with efficient ticket handling to categorize, assign, and resolve tickets faster. See how service desk software can help you achieve better ROI by increasing service quality, improving staff efficiency and reducing operational and business risks.

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RIA – Vendor Selection Matrix

ITSM solutions are used by organisations to plan, design, deliver and operate the IT services that they offer to their customers. However, businesses are starting to come under pressure due to increasing customer demands, meaning it’s vital that organisations find a service provider that can enable them to meet these expectations in a simple and cost-effective way. This report evaluates the top 20 global IT Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software vendors of 2017 to help your organisation make a more informed choice when selecting a provider.

Autonomous Operations

Die Mobiliar Perfects IT Service Management: Insurance Company Migrates to HPE Operations Manager i 10

In Switzerland, one third of households and more than one in three businesses hold insurance policies with Die Mobiliar, the country’s oldest private insurer. IT service management at Die Mobiliar was reactive, both in terms of incident management and performance monitoring, resulting in poor response times and even complete failures. This case study looks at how HPE Operations Manager i has enabled Die Mobiliar to move from reactive to proactive IT service management.

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KMD Reduces Service Desk Requests By 25 Per Cent

With 3,000 employees in Denmark and 500 in India, KMD is one of Denmark’s largest IT companies. Efficient IT management is the cornerstone of KMD’s success so it implemented a transformation project to increase workplace productivity, improve business services and further enhance operational efficiency. This case study looks at how KMD used HPE Operations Bridge to transform operations management and accommodate 50% more work without recruiting additional employees.

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Autonomous Operations Through a Business Lens: HPE Operations Bridge

As countless aspects of our life are becoming digitized; businesses now have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by modernizing their IT services and customer interactions. Most customers enjoy the capabilities provided by their personal tablets, smartphones and laptops and as a result, business users now expect the same from the companies they patronize or work for. This eBook looks at the importance of using IT to create business value and discusses how you could transform your company’s IT operations with automation and analytics.

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The Agile Operations Bridge: HPE Operations Bridge Services for Better Service Delivery in the New Style of IT

As new technologies are adopted, so are new tools to monitor them. This has added up to a situation where the average IT department now has dozens of monitoring tools, yet the ability to prevent the business impact of outages has not markedly improved as one would have expected. This issue is more monitoring is not necessarily better monitoring. This paper highlights the benefits of an agile Operations Bridge and introduces HPE Operations Bridge services.

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Gartner Achieving Autonomous IT Operations with HPE Operations Bridge

As countless aspects of our life are becoming digitised; businesses must adapt and start modernising their IT services to deal with the emerging ‘always-on’ landscape. However, these changes aren’t without their challenges and as increasing importance is placed on Big Data and new technologies, IT departments are under more pressure to do more with less. This report looks at how HPE Operations Bridge can help your business implement autonomous operations to exploit analytics and analyse, adapt and address future IT challenges.

Datacenter Automation

HPE Operations Orchestration: Enterprise-scale IT Process Automation with a Disciplined Approach

IT process automation is evolving to a broader enterprise-scale orchestration approach and includes more than just run book or IT task automation and process automation. With next-generation ITPA you can quickly, simply, and reliably develop, deploy, and manage automations in a disciplined approach that cuts across the entire enterprise IT environment. This brief introduces HPE’s Operations Orchestration technologies and explains how it helps you manage the automation of IT infrastructure and operations more efficiently.

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The path to orchestration eBook

Orchestration and IT process automation are not onetime activities but part of a program to automate as many processes as possible. This eBook explains IT orchestration and its benefits, and why automation essential in today’s IT operations.

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Turk Telecom-Case Study

The telecommunications market is highly saturated and to remain competitive, organizations need to be constantly rolling out new-services to their customers. Rapid time-to-market is vital however, third party infrastructures can often cause delays to the testing process causing both the product and customer experience to suffer. This case study discusses how Turk Telekom were able to eliminate test delays and double their defect detection levels by using simulated sites created with HPE Service Virtualization.

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Process-Powered Change Management for Servers

This infographic highlights how operations orchestration and IT process automation solutions can help you perform change management tasks with greater accuracy and higher speed.

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Design a Better Disaster Recovery Plan: Use IT Process Automation to Accelerate Testing and Recovery

Disasters happen, and can bring your business to a halt. You need a disaster recovery plan. This infographic looks at disaster recovery preparedness and introduces HPE Operations Orchestration IT process automation software

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Embracing Digital transformation

The digital revolution is upon us and in order to meet growing consumer demands, enterprises must become proactive in their approach to IT. Cloud technologies are at the heart of digital transformation, however, many organizations are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace that digitization demands and have yet to fully embrace cloud. This paper from HPE aims to help organizations successfully navigate the road to cloud by outlining best practices that can allow enterprise leaders to drive digital transformation and enable business value.

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COMLINE AG Speeds Up the Migration of SMEs to the cloud

Hamburg-based Comline AG, an innovative IT services provider, unites the worlds of processes, applications and infrastructure through various IT delivery models, creating customised, standards-based solutions. This case study looks at how Comline accelerated service delivery times at its data centre with HPE Helion CloudSystem and HPE Cloud Service Automation.

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Open Road to Cloud Benefits infographic

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management provides you an open, secure and agile solution, which allows you to create your ideal mix of traditional IT and cloud services. This infographic highlights the top five drivers for adopting HPE Hybrid Cloud Management.

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Cloud Freedom Drives Business Freedom: HPE Hybrid Cloud Management  

For every new application or service that must be provisioned and managed, IT operations are expected to find incremental efficiencies that will allow them to do everything—in the cloud or on-premises. This brief introduces HPE’s Hybrid Cloud Management technology and explains how it improves agility, and accelerate operations  teams to the speed of their DevOps-driven development teams.

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SCTH Adopts Private Cloud to Streamline IT Service Delivery

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) is responsible for developing the tourism sector within Saudi Arabia. A state-owned entity which works alongside hotels, museums and other stakeholders within the tourism sector both locally and abroad, it has 33 locations throughout the Kingdom and over 1,300 employees. This case study looks at how the SCTH used HPE Cloud Service Automation to create a self-service portal for users and optimize IT operations.

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Dimensional Research Whitepaper

A growing number of companies continue to migrate towards the hybrid cloud to better manage their costs and deliver applications and services that meet user expectations. However, tracking the cost and service level of an individual application often proves challenging and organizations are continuously searching for tools that will allow them to use this information to optimize business decisions. This report from HPE provides an insight from 17 IT professionals on how their organizations are migrating to and managing the hybrid cloud, and the information they need to improve user experience and service levels.

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